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Author: AZRA aka CLARA LEE 


About the Book

The Cupcake Theory is a self-help and inspirational book on self-worth and romantic relationships using a unique analogy between cupcakes and people. This simple, digestible and relatable theory is contagious, unforgettable, and empowering. 

Through The Cupcake Theory: 

  • Learn how to embrace yourself and be confident of who you are

  • Shift your perspectives to engage in healthy relationships

  • Discover how love and relationships are analogous to cupcakes.
    Hint: we're looking past the colorful frosting

  • Find out just what kind of cupcake you might be and proudly flaunt your flavor

  • Learn new ways to encounter romance or repair a connection that's broken

America's all-time favorite treat becomes the most compelling relationship hypothesis you will ever consume!


Physical Book Size: 5x7


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The Cupcake Theory Book