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Keeping in line with the status quo has never been something of priority to pop-rock goddess AZRA. Invigorated by an unshakeable boldness, empowering angst, and life-long affinity for performance, AZRA has learned the importance of never backing down regardless of what society deems acceptable. Breaking through the barriers of complacency and uniformity has allowed this powerhouse to embrace her crown, unapologetically. She immigrated to San Jose, CA with her family at 9 years old from South Korea, and did whatever it took to overcome the hardships that came with having to rediscover oneself after a life-altering change. AZRA now seeks to empower others to fearlessly follow their dreams in spite of their hardships.

The now Los Angeles based multidisciplinary independent artist, singer-writer is making waves with more than just her music. As an accomplished author (The Cupcake Theory), motivational speaker, dancer, model, and musician, AZRA has effectively established herself as a formidable force in the entertainment industry with a promise that any artistic expression she shares with the world will have substance, depth, and purpose behind them to uplift others along their life's journey. She shares her story through her signature Substance Pop sound - an entirely new genre of music that channels cathartic power pop, rock, punk, dance, and metal influences with heavy 808 beats to electrify your entire body.


Having been diagnosed with glaucoma and temporarily losing sight in her right eye at age 19, AZRA found herself face to face with a life-changing illness that led her to begin a journey of self-acceptance and finding the deeper meanings of life, thus inspiring the Substance Pop genre. Her epic, soulful vocals, contagiously empowering lyrics, and insane hooks will move you to strut through life with unapologetic confidence.


This whirlwind of a feeling is AZRA telling you to follow your passion and create your own show. She believes that “the world is your stage for anything you can imagine is possible.”

Through her music and live performances, AZRA transports you into the 6th Dimension – a
world of AZRA’s own creation, where anything is possible and you can be whoever you want to
be, and go after whatever dreams you have. During all of AZRA’s live performances, fans are
brought along to the 6th Dimension and encouraged to live up to their innermost desires,
become the hero or goddess of their dreams, and channel invaluable feelings of freedom and
positivity unscathed by the world’s projections of self-doubt. Dive head first into the confidence
boost, hold on to it and become the best and most real version of yourself because of it.

AZRA released her first EP Freedom in 2017 followed by a West Coast Tour opening for the Plain White T's on their High school Nation Tour. Soon after, AZRA toured around the country performing at PRIDE Festivals including, Queens, Capitol, Philly, Cathedral City Pride, and more as a proud supporter and advocate for the LGBTQ+ community. Her 2018 release of "Dimension" single reached the Digital Radio Tracker Independent Charts reaching #1 for several consecutive weeks followed by her hit single "Dangerous" which also made it on to the Digital Radio Tracker charts reaching #1 for several weeks in 2021. AZRA has released over 15+ records independently since shaking up the world of music with substance, hope, artistry and her vocal prowess. 

Listeners were welcomed into the 6th Dimension with AZRA’s first release of 2023, “ALL OUT.” The song was quickly picked up by the renowned LA based alternative radio station, The World Famous KROQ, and featured in the prominent Korean American Newspaper - Korea Daily. AZRA also made her debut on the KBS America and KBS TV Network show K-People in an interview highlighting her song and career in May 2023 during the Asian American Heritage Month.


Following that she shared two more singles - “i wish you would cry” and “Bring Me The Crown” - which caught the attention of outlets such as Noisescape Magazine, Doors At Seven, Prelude Press and more with the latter receiving sync/licensing deal with Five Guys Burgers exposing her music at over 1900+ locations worldwide. In July 2023, she released her highly anticipated EP, The Chronicles of Substance Pop: The Rebellion. She celebrated the EP Release with a captivating performance at the renowned Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles, CA followed by her first ever West Coast Headlining tour. AZRA released the powerful and chilling "ALL OUT" Music Video featuring a band and dance performance backed by an all female ensemble soon after returning from Tour, followed by another surprise drop of the "6th Dimension" Music Video. AZRA was featured in various press outlets such as Medium, Authority Magazine, Boarder Crossing/ Voice of America, Mundane Magazine, and more. AZRA continues to receive recognition from music tastemakers, most importantly her growing fans: Azradeities.


AZRA ultimately seeks to empower and uplift others, grasp the premonition given, and live your
life to the fullest through her music and is incredibly passionate about giving back to her
community as she continues her advocacy work around diversity, youth and women empowerment. AZRA makes her mission clear. Find out more about AZRA's mission here.

AZRA reentered the studio in mid-2023 to begin working on the songs that will define the next era of her career. Aligned with legendary producers, her forthcoming music will explore new sonic territory while carrying on the narrative of her early career. 


‘I am beyond ecstatic about the new music I am working on. The uncharted creative realm I am discovering within me through this process and the growth I am experiencing in my artistry and as a human being are insurmountable. I cannot wait to share this music with the world and serve it to those who need to hear it the most.”

More about AZRA

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Creator of #SubstancePop music genre est. 2016


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