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//  Location: 6TH DIMENSION [or] LOS ANGELES, CA
//  Genre:  Substance Pop, Punk Rock, Power Pop/Rock, Dance
//  Website:


Pop-rock goddess AZRA is a South Korean-born, Bay area-raised, now multidisciplinary Los Angeles based independent artist making waves with more than just her music. As an accomplished author (The Cupcake Theory), motivational speaker, dancer, model, and musician, AZRA has effectively established herself as a formidable force in the entertainment industry with a promise that any artistic expression she shares with the world will have substance, depth, and purpose behind them to uplift others along their life's journey. She shares her story through her signature Substance Pop sound - an entirely new genre of music that channels cathartic power pop, rock, dance, and metal influences with heavy 808 beats to electrify your entire body.


Keeping in line with the status quo has never been something of priority to the powerhouse songstress. Invigorated by an unshakeable boldness, empowering angst, and life-long affinity for performance, AZRA has learned the importance of never backing down regardless of what society deems acceptable. Channeling this philosophy into creating the 6th Dimension, a whole new world where you can live life to the fullest and be whoever you’ve always wanted to be, AZRA approaches every live performance with the goal of transporting her audience into the 6th Dimension along with her. Breaking through barriers of complacency and uniformity has allowed this powerhouse to embrace her crown, unapologetically, and inspire her fans to do the same. She immigrated to San Jose, CA with her family at 9 years old, and did whatever it took to overcome the hardships that came with having to rediscover oneself after a life-altering change. AZRA now seeks to empower others to fearlessly follow their dreams in spite of their hardships. Listeners can get a taste of the 6th Dimension on AZRA’s first release of 2023, “ALL OUT,” that has since found itself on the renowned LA based alternative radio station, The World Famous KROQ, or her most recent singles “i wish you would cry” and “Bring Me The Crown.” "ALL OUT" was also featured in the prominent Korean American Newspaper - Korea Daily. AZRA also debuted on the KBS America and KBS TV Network show K-People in an interview highlighting her song and career in May 2023 during the Asian American Heritage Month. Ahead of her summer EP coming soon, AZRA has continued to receive recognition from music tastemakers, most importantly her growing fans: Azradeities, along with legendary venues like Hotel Cafe where she celebrated her EP Release and kicked off her West Coast Tour on July 28! 

Connect with AZRA

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“AZRA is a multi-faceted force of nature. Her music is created on her own terms: always authentically, and always in her own unconventional way.”                                                                                                                                        - The Hype Magazine

“AZRA’s music boasts messages that are as powerful as the hooks, and she aims to make tracks that move your body while uplifting your spirit.”                                                                                                                                             - Hollywood Life

“As an accomplished business woman, a soulful pop singer/songwriter, a professional model. AZRA is a true triple threat”    - The WiMN/PopWrapped


"With a powerful and distinctive sound that sets her apart from the mainstream, AZRA proves herself as a formidable force in the music industry.”


"AZRA's EP is a true rebellion against the ordinary, an electrifying journey that leaves a lasting impact on anyone who ventures into her world of 'Substance Pop.’ "

    Crucial Rhythm

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" "Dimension" is an introduction to AZRA's 6th Dimension. It's about breaking out of your normal routine, entering a new dimension and shifting your perceptions to new possibilities."  CelebSecrets 

"AZRA’s New Single ‘Turn Me On’ Is A Beautiful Expression On The Power of Connection." The Womens International Music Network 

"AZRA Lives Out Her Full ‘Kill Bill’ Fantasy While Cutting Down ‘Societal Conformity’ In New ‘Dirty’ Video With a dash of Tarantino – and a cameo from her adorable pooch – AZRA delivers a Five Point Palm strike of pop power in her new video "Dirty," one that encourages you to ‘rise up’ when society tries to grind you down.

Hollywood Life

“Dangerous” is a song for all the fearless women to be unapologetic, vocal, and own who they are. This song is an anthem to normalize a concept of a powerful woman.      Hollywood Life Honey Pop

" ‘Hell & Back' is about celebrating and accepting all of life’s unexpected chaos and challenges that are thrown at us and then trusting our abilities to transform them into lessons, inner strength and power...I hope this song can bring some joy, hope and fearless empowerment during this trying time of global health, racial and social pandemic.”                         CelebSecrets

" “Right Here” embraces the obstacles one faces and encourages us all to stand our ground amidst anything thrown our way."                          WiMN

"Freedom EP is an EP with a mixture of pop, rock, and dance. It pulls inspiration from past struggles with music, self-expression, and love. By sharing her own story, AZRA hopes to inspire others to live life for themselves."               VENTS Magazine

" "Skyline" Explores the complexity of love, and how its imperfections make it beautiful."             LA WEEKLY

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