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Thank You High School Nation Tour!

Hey Guys! I had so much fun partying with all of you at your school a couple weeks ago! Thanks for being such an amazing audience and sharing some great moments with me at your school. I loved rocking out with you guys on stage (yup, I'm especially talking to you guys who busted out your dance moves with me ;) ), meeting and getting to know you guys in person at my merch table, and of course, taking selfies with you guys! Thanks to your support and love towards my music, I am inspired to do what I do everyday as an artist, singer, songwriter. As I mentioned to many of you at your school, always remember to be yourself and speak up for what you want to do and be. Because you can be anything you want. Here's a quick montage of the tour I made for you guys! Feel free to share, tag and comment away.

Can't wait to see you guys again!

Pick up my 'Freedom' EP here:

Have the courage to 'Just Break Free,' Be bold enough to defy 'Gravity,' withstand struggles and have enough self awareness to stand still right where you are 'Right Here,' oh and lastly, despite all odds, choose to 'Shine.' This sums up my EP, Freedom. xo AZRA

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