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AZRA At Pride 2017

I am very honored and beyond excited to be touring and performing at the Pride Festivals this June! I have always felt connected with the LGBTQ community not just through my friends and family who are LGBTQ, but also through my own personal life long struggles of coming out my shell and becoming the artist that I am. Since I was a little girl, I always felt that desire to sing and perform but was hesitant to embrace it publicly because of social pressures around me, telling me “not to be different”, and “stay in the background”. After decades of hiding my passion, I finally broke free three years ago, accepted who I am and started to pursue music professionally. Now I finally have self-acceptance, embraced being different, and stoutly challenge societal norms through and doing my art. This is what the LGBTQ community and Pride events inspire us with, to be ourselves and accept others no matter the challenges, shine through, and move forward together, as one. I am honored to sing and share songs from my latest EP Freedom on stage for Pride because I will be able to sing for what we all are standing for– celebrating our beautiful individuality.

'Freedom' EP:

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