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azra = Substance pop

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"I think that within the course of time music is constantly evolving whether it be different variations of the same genre or just the overall instrumental & lyrical aspects of a song. However the one thing I find that is sometimes lacking is a strong positive message so when I come across a song with such substance, I am moved to share it with all of you." - Indie Music Review

Message from AZRA: 

"In 2008, I was diagnosed with juvenile glaucoma which forced me to give up all of my passions in music temporarily and focus on seeing out of my eyes again. I eventually got my sight back, and I eventually came full circle to being an artist again, but overcoming this experience was a defining moment of my life where I promised to dedicate my work in inspiring others to never give up, shift perspectives, seek possibilities beyond what meets the eye and go after their dreams. This is my mission and intention behind all that I do as a Substance Pop artist, singer, songwriter, performer, published author, and motivational storyteller. Ever since this experience I’ve created my own Pop genre called Substance Pop to describe my catchy pop music with depth, I've also spoken and performed at numerous colleges, high schools, organizations, festivals and music venues around the country."

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"It's about shutting out all the noise in order to authentically connect with each other” The WiMN

“Dangerous” is a song for all the fearless women to be unapologetic, vocal, and own who they are. This song is an anthem to normalize a concept of a powerful woman.      Hollywood Life
Honey Pop

" ‘Hell & Back' is about celebrating and accepting all of life’s unexpected chaos and challenges that are thrown at us and then trusting our abilities to transform them into lessons, inner strength and power...I hope this song can bring some joy, hope and fearless empowerment during this trying time of global health, racial and social pandemic.”                         CelebSecrets

" “Right Here” embraces the obstacles one faces and encourages us all to stand our ground amidst anything thrown our way."                          WiMN

" "Skyline" Explores the complexity of love, and how its imperfections make it beautiful."                            LA WEEKLY

" "Dimension" is an introduction to AZRA's 6th Dimension. It's about breaking out of your normal routine, entering a new dimension and shifting your perceptions to new possibilities."  CelebSecrets 

"Freedom EP is an EP with a mixture of pop, rock, and dance. It pulls inspiration from past struggles with music, self-expression, and love. By sharing her own story, AZRA hopes to inspire others to live life for themselves."               VENTS Magazine

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